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Current Powershot HOLE-IN-ONE Challenge Prizes

The Powershot hole in one challenge  is the hottest golf contest on the golf course. For over 10 years, thousands of golfers have played and won over $1,000,000 in cash and prizes at over 500 golf courses playing the Powershot with our hole ambassadors present. Now you  can play the Powershot Hole In One Contest at over 8000 golf courses in the United States. When you use the new Powershot App, you can win cash, golf vacations, motorcycles, cars and more!

To play in the hole in one contest, all you need to do is download the app, select what prize you are playing for, pay your entry fee and have your playing partner record your golf shot. If you make a hole in one, you WIN!

The Powershot has been held at thousands of golf tournaments over the last 10 years. Now you can bring the Powershot to your golf tournament. The Powershot Hole In One prizes offer your golfers a fun chance to win a great prize when they play.

After you play your shot, you can share your video on your favorite social media platform, send it to your friends and family ot watch your awesome or not so awesome golf shot. There are 1000’s of hole in ones made on golf courses everyday but very few are recorded. The Powershot app will keep that golf shot memory for life when you record your golf shot.

For golf tournament directors, the Powershot Hole In One Contest is a great way to fundraise for your charity golf tournament. A hole in one package for the whole field makes a great addition to your golf event. In addition to giving every player a chance to win that day, you can give them a golf package of 4 shots to use at a later date. We can also customize a hole in one prize package with a million dollar golf shot. The grand prize package will help you raise more money in your golf tournament.

The next time you are booking a tee time for your group, make sure to open the Powershot App and add some golf shots for you and your friends. You can turn that mundane round of golf into a special event on each of the par 3 golf holes. You see hole in one’s being made on tv every weekend, so it can be done! The more you play, the better your odds of making a hole in one.

The app is extremely easy to use, record, swing and win! Play during your next round of golf.

Golf Tournament
Golf Tournament


2 Registrations Submitted

Course : Lone Tree Golf Club
Hole# : 13
Yardage : 153
Par : 3
Club : 8
Location : Lonetree, Colorado

Course : Painted Desert Golf Course
Hole# : 8
Yardage : 167
Par : 3
Club : 7 Iron
Location : Las Vegas, Nevada

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Here is a chance to win $50,000 the next time you play golf. To play, downloand the Powershot App from the app stores.