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How The Powershot Benefits You

Powershot Golf


For over 10 years, Powershot has seen thousands of golfers attempt our legendary hole-in-one challenge and now? We think it’s time business owners got in on the fun and learn how Powershot can not only drive sales, increase revenue, and excite customers, but also save a significant amount money when compared to traditional discounting!

Powershot Golf


Powershot can be implemented into your marketing, promotional, and advertising campaigns in a seemingly endless number of ways. For instance, you can incentivize customers to spend X amount in your store, use your service online, or even buy a specific item, all of which will result in your rewarding them with the chance to win BIG money (up to $50,000) during their next round of golf when they get to use their free entry code in our app!

Powershot Golf


What’s more, when your customer downloads our app to apply their Powershot entry code, we’ll make sure you receive the footage of their winning or near winning shots for future marketing opportunities!

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The Powershot offers you a creative way to promote your business directly to golfers. Checkout some of the samples below for ideas on what you can use the Powershot entries for.


How The Powershot Entries Work



A business owner can purchase Powershot entry codes at discounted rates and then use the high-ticket value of the prize money ($5,000, $10,000, or $50,000) to incentivize customers for their business.



Once customers meet the criteria YOU set in place, they will receive (either via email or in person) their unique Powershot entry code, which they can then enter in our app during their next round of golf for a chance to win the prize corresponding to that ticket’s value (See back panel for pricing breakdown).



Business owners benefit through purchasing discounted entry codes, receiving the customer’s email address upon app signup and footage of their amazing shots, and by not having to rely solely on costly discounts to drive sales.