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Frequently Asked Question

Below are the answers to the most frequent questions asked us. If the answer is not here, please contact us in the link below.

We have several ways to verify a golfer hole in one. First is through the video of the golf shot. The 2nd is we can track the ball flight of the ball. Third is since each golfer has to put a unique identifier on his golf ball before he hits and video that golf ball with that identifier and we have to have the same golf ball in the hole identified, we use an proprietary artifical intelligence program that analyzes the writing on the ball, the condition of the ball and down to the tiniest pixel level to verify that it is the same golf ball. After that, we make sure that the golfers involved in the golf shot understand that conspiracy to commit fraud is a felony for all involved. Plus in our 10 year experience in this business, we have come to realuze that 99.9% of golfers are honest people. The other systems are in place to make sure the .1% who cheat get caught.
According to multiple golf associations, the odds of someone making a hole in one are approximately 1 in 12,500. Obviously the level of your play plus course and weather conditions will effect that number greatly.
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